Political Games Let the Madness Begin

For the record, I don’t play political games with people, or their lives, but anyone involved in politics now, or in the past, needs to be aware of some of the ridiculous things that people will do. This is not propaganda. It’s a fact. Sneaky political gamers are notorious for recording people.

The game has changed from years ago when the recordings are at least genuine conversations. Now individuals can record, manipulate, and edit tapes from home. They can even do voice-overs. For some reason, much of the world is in denial about this fact. Please view the video below, because it will help to give you some understanding of what we can do. Now imagine if they were working with voice only.


Recently, I was speaking to a Muslim, and we talked about the differences between Christian and Muslim beliefs. We also spoke about God. During the conversations, there were many things said, that if taken out of context, could be misconstrued.

While speaking to him, I hammered home the fact that Christians believe in being kind to all, peaceful to all, and loving to all. He explained to me about the 5 pillars, and then we got on with it. One thing that did bother me about the conversation is he said, “My phone service keeps being disrupted and failing.” The way he explained it eluded to the fact that these were not just instances of  bad connectivity. These types of problems can upset even the most gentle soul. Now he has no phone and that makes life very difficult. Deep down, I couldn’t help but question if he was being hacked and targeted because he was Muslim. The citizens of the United States don’t need manufactured problems, because we have enough of them naturally.  We all can agree that hacking has been a real issue and we should speak out when we have these problems. Hackers, cat fishers, and thieves can cause wars. They can also cause people to go completely ballistic.

Please know I am not implying or accusing my fellow conversationalist of doing this, but since we discussed many hot topics, I figured this would be the perfect time to explain some political tactics.

People always wonder how conversations like this end up getting misconstrued during times of political battles, and how they end up on the news and/or YouTube.

I’ll tell you.

First let’s assign players, placement and tools. There are 3 players.




At least two of them must be equipped with a recording or smart device.

Player Alpha is already in the building at their destination. He used to be the Mayor in town and has let it be known that he may run again.

Their opponents, Beta and Gamma, decide they need to find out what Alpha is up to. First, they check their social media and collect information. Is there anything on there that sets them off? Are there any “favorite things”? They then get the former Mayor’s phone numbers, and GPS his locations to see what they are up to. Finally, if they can find a few broke people to pay off they are bringing their A game.

Beta then chooses the perfect time to approach and engage in conversation. Beta could utilize Plan A, which is to use a smartwatch but since Alpha has the political experience, they opt for Plan B, which is to send in Gamma shortly after Beta strikes up a good conversation with Alpha.

While Alpha speaks to Beta, Gamma sits at a table close by with their recorder. Beta starts bringing up unsettling topics to Alpha, and he reacts. Now, Gamma has a lengthy conversation on tape that they could easily edit, move around, crop and add to graphics, music or videos.

This seems like extreme behavior, and that’s because it is. Some consider this a form of harassment and stalking that has been kindly repackaged as political research. Others say it’s just how it is today in 2017.

The only time this doesn’t work well is when Alpha knows what youBeta and Gamma are doing so they have fun like a cat with yarn. You know, they say a few outrageous things and give you some delicious sound bites all so they can make you look like a complete fool later.

Remember, in politics, people will go to great lengths to access information, and if you decide to go into politics, do not go it alone. Try to build a great and trustworthy team, and by all means, study game theory.

Writer can be reached at : PO Box 582 Glassboro NJ, 08028


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