Q&A with Singer and Song Writer Adam Crossley


Creative writers always dream of their work being published, getting radio play, airing on TV or hitting the big screen. Only a select few get to see their dreams come to fruition, Adam Crossley is one of the few.


Several years ago Adam performed on a PBS special with Grammy-nominated Jim Brickman and since then he’s written many more songs and has gone on tour. The authenticity of his music brings out raw relatable emotion without being overwhelming. It was nice to have a short Q&A with Adam.

Dana: You’re an amazing song writer. I know that you started writing songs when you were around 7 years old. At such an early age, did you dream of it turning into a career?

Adam: Even though I didn’t know how it would take shape, I always knew that music would be my career path.


Dana: Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

Adam: Inspiration comes differently for every song. Sometimes I’m inspired by what I see in everyday life, or a story that affects me or even a simple melody.


Dana: I know your song Beautiful World was huge for you but what’s your most overlooked piece of music?

Adam: Although “Beautiful World” got some pretty good radio play, I still feel that it never really had its day in the sun. Due to management at the time, it wasn’t pushed the way a single should be pushed. Now that I’m working as an independent artist I have more control over that.


Dana: Tell me more about what music does for you?

Adam: Music is how I best express myself. It is what inspires and motivates me. It keeps me connected to my spiritual nature.


Dana: You’ve been on the road. How do you manage your career with your wife and children?

Adam: Because my schedule is flexible and I’m working independently, I’ve made a point to stay closer to home to be with my family. And, whenever possible Juliet and our daughters travel with me. I’m lucky in the fact that my wife understands the life of a musician since she is one herself and grew up with a touring musician father.


Dana: Please tell me about what’s next for Adam Crossley?

Adam: I currently write for other artists, pitch songs or TV and Film and will release a follow up to “Anvil of a Heart” in the near future. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


His Album Anvil of the Heart was released in 2010 and I look forward to hearing his long awaited follow up album. Listen to Adams message from this Q&A. When someone doesn’t push your product, or doesn’t give it the attention that it deserves, then it’s OK to take over and do it your way.

To learn more about Adam Crossley or to receive updates check out http://www.adamcrossley.com.


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